wine layerz logo no nameWINELAYERZ 
 is a unique PALATE MAPPING  search engine. WINELAYERZ, the Pandora of wine, starts your journey by entering a search or taking a picture of the label and WINELAYERZ does the rest.

WINELAYERZ algorithm returns wine with the same characteristics of the wine just searched.  No need for critic ratings or established tasting profiles.  The more you search and review our virtual sommelier’s PALATE MAPPING customizes your wine station to your personal palate.

Wine is a community as such WINELAYERZ created a forum in which we can share.  So get social by posting pictures.  You can follow your friends.  You can even follow many of our live sommeliers whom are always interacting with the WINELAYERZ community.  There will be many blogs and updates to follow, and as this amazing community grows look for tasting and wine events in your area.