Unique Palate Mapping engine
that is pandora of wine


Scan and detect a wine label in seconds. The Pandora of wine will return all wines with same DNA characteristics.


Add a picture or wine you're enjoying, add a review and rate. WINELAYERZ will create your personal Palate Mapping wine channel!


Follow top sommelies or other WINELAYERZ members, virtual tastings, podcast of your favorite varietals, wine list curated of your favorite wines.


Follow, like, rate. Your virtual wine community is waiting. Great pairings as well as recommendations of what you should try next.

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what can you do with winelayerz

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WINELAYERZ Palate Mapping is a unique algorithm that is the Pandora of wine. Search a wine and WINELAYERZ will give you all the wines with the same DNA characteristics of the wine just searched. Over time Palate Mapping virtual sommelier will create your personal profile of your favorite wines. WINELAYERZ will always refine this profile by your searches and wine ratings. Palate Mapping recommendations give results in every price range. You can follow others with the same Palate Mapping profile and see what they are drinking. The Sommelier team will always be profiling and providing detail deductive tasting notes to add the final and most finite level of Palate Mapping characteristics.

WINELAYERZ engine analyzes distinct characteristics of every varietal. It captures the identity of the wine and the significant qualities relevant to the user profile without the user every tasting a bottle.
WINELAYERZ engine begins to analyze the DNA of the wine and creates a unique modifier for characteristic profiling. This unique approach allows the ability to differentiate wines in every region of the world and categorize a profile with your personal palate in mind. The Pandora of wine will be playing you palate station in every price range for the wine just searched. The more you use WINELAYERZ the better the ability for it to understand and refine your palate profiling.
WINELAYERZ engine highest and most refined characteristic profiling utilizes the skills and consistency of our professional team of Sommeliers throughout the world. The deductive tasting process allows WINELAYERZ to take their critical analysis and input it for the final bottle detail to complete that profile. Stylistically building a professional library that can be accessed by every WINELAYERZ user. The user can follow any Sommelier, see what they are evaluating, watch podcast of the weekly selections. Request a Level 1 Palate Mapping and WINELAYERZ sommelier team will alert you when that tasting for that bottle is complete.